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California Users
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California User Groups

PC Clubhouse, Hayward, CA

Thousand Oaks Personal Computer Club

Jackson, California

Temecula Valley Computer User Group

CCMV of Sun City, California

Pasadena IBM PC Users Group

Digital Art Showcase of Somona, CA

Ventura County, California

Orange County, CA, IBM PC User Group

Simi Valley Computer Users Group

Cyber Guy

The FeedBack Room

PC Users Group of the Redwoods of Santa Rosa, CA


Fallbrook, CA, PC Users Group

North Bay Multimedia Association of San Rafael, CA

Published Reviews at Los Angeles Computer Society

Palmia Computer Club of Mission Viejo, CA

Golden Gate Computer Society of San Rafael, CA

Modesto, CA PC Users Group

SLO Bytes PC Users Group of San Luis Obispo, California

San Jose IBM PC Club

Colony Computer User Group of Murrieta, CA

Seniors Helping Seniors in San Diego, CA

Napa Valley PC Users Group

Tule Fog PC Users Group of Visalia CA

San Diego PC User Group

NBUG: The North Bay Users'  Computer Club of Vallejo CA

San Diego Computer Society

Sacramento PC Users Group

IBM / PC UG of Redding, CA

Web Talk Guys

Bay Computers Users Group of Pacific Grove

Philatelic Computing Study Group of Oxnard CA

North Orange Country Computer Club of Orange CA

Tri-City Computer Club of Oceanside CA

Ocean Hills Computer Club of Oceanside CA


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