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USA Today's readable columnists:

bullet Edward C. Baig
USA TODAY writer, spotlights the latest digital gadgets.
bullet A.S. Berman
USATODAY.com writer, looks at the Web's offbeat side.
bullet Leonard Fischer
Gannett News Service tech section editor, updates the wireless scene.
bullet Tamara Holmes
USATODAY.com tech-help specialist, solves readers' tech problems.
bullet Lawrence B. Johnson
Gannett News Service writer covers electronics and DVDs.
bullet Kim Komando
National talkshow host and best-selling author, explores technology.
bullet Janet Kornblum
USA TODAY writer, highlights the buzz in cyberspace.
bullet Matt Krantz
USA TODAY writer, answers readers' tech-investment questions.
bullet Kevin Maney
USA TODAY writer, focuses on the latest happenings in technology.
bullet Sam Vincent Meddis
USATODAY.com tech editor, offers an opinionated look at the Web.
bullet Robin Raskin
Editor in chief of FamilyPC magazine, aka Internet Mom.
bullet Eric Sinrod
San Francisco lawyer, explains the law's connections with tech.
bullet Joel Smith
Detroit News business writer, reports on high-tech developments.
bullet John Wilen
USATODAY.com writer, puts his spin on the Tech Week in Review.
bullet John Yaukey
Gannett News Service writer, focuses on the uses of technology.


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